Karola Theill


Prof. Karola Theill

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock

Lied interpretation for singers and pianists
Master Lied interpretation for pianists
Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock

Events with the class of Prof. Karola Theill


Frühlings Erwachen
Trailer for the Lied recital "Frühlings Erwachen" at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock in June 2021.

Singers and Pianists of the voice department
Concept and Responsibility Prof. Karola Theill

For the entire Lied recital at »hmt on air« click here.

»Pierrot – Mondestrunken«

Max Kowalski, Pierrot lunaire op.4 and Mélodies françaises, Students of the Liedclass, szenic transposition: Veronique Nivelle (theater pedagogy)

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Schumanns Schatten

Versungen und Versprochen
(by Peter Härtling)
Students of the Liedclass
Concept: Dr. Susanne Winnacker

Hanns Eisler

Expelled to Paradise
Hollywood Songbook

with Aukse Petroni and students of the singing-, school music-, theatre- and pop/world classes.
Presentations: Prof. Dr. Barbara Alge, Prof. Dr. Oliver Krämer, Stefanie Schliebe, Prof. Karola Theill
Musical preparation: Prof. Karola Theill

Franz Schubert

The Lied in chamber music
«Trockne Blumen” and the Variations for flute and piano
«Der Wanderer” and the Wanderer” fantasy for piano
«Sei mir gegrüsst” and the Fantasy for violin and piano

Johannes Brahms

Brahms in Thun
Lieder op.107 and the Cello Sonata op.99
Lieder op.105 and the Violin Sonata op.100
Lieder op.106 and the Piano Trio op.101

Eduard Mörike

Settings of poems from «Maler Nolten»
Lieder by R. Schumann, H. Wolf, H. Pfitzner and O. Schoeck
Readings from Möricke’s novel by students of the Drama Department

Franz Schubert

Wilhelm Müller’s Winterreise
Readings by students from the Drama Department
Lieder including five Lied-Duos

Songs by Israeli composers
A. Boskovich, A. Gelbrun, M. Lavry, P. Ben-Haim etc.
(sung in Hebrew)

L’invitation au voyage
Mélodies by french composers